About Us

RealVision Technologies is a leading global provider of IT services, Infrastructure Management Services (IMS) and Intellectual Property (IP) . RealVision Technologies has a solid focus on the Media, Manufacturing, Healthcare and Infrastructure verticals, backed by a proven record of accomplishment and domain alliances, to develop innovative solutions for our clients.

We focus on areas where we have a real potential. This specialization enables us to design unique solutions for the clients while offering greater value. Straddling the tidal wave of technology, RealVision delivers reliable and usable business and software solutions packages - innovative, customized and cost-effective - deployable across the value chain - leading the way to exponential growth

Our Vision

  • To be a globally respected and accepted organization that provides best-of-bread business solutions, leveraging technology, delivered in best-in-class people resulting maximum customer satisfaction.

Our Mission

  • As a globally oriented, forward-looking company, our primary concern is to respond appropriately to the constantly increasing dynamism and complexity of our customers.


It was gradually becoming a critical task to collate information from different systems operating in various departments, to get one unified view of operations through accurate and timely reports. RealVision has overcome these problems, by implementing a SAS-based Business Intelligence solution. The solution provides us a comprehensive 'one source of truth', through the ad hoc as well as standard reports and KPI based dashboards. This has helped us in getting more accurate mission critical information much quicker than what it used to be.

Our constant growth had created the need for a strong, integrated IT platform to better manage our business. After a series of product evaluations, we selected Microsoft Dynamics NAV as the platform of choice. We selected RealVision Technologies as the implementation partner for their impressive track record of successful implementations and we are pleased with the outcome.

RealVision has been a valued provider for technology development for MH-media as we looked to utilize the Microsoft platform. Over the last year and a half, they've been able to work closely with us to successfully implement integration projects as well as several proof of concepts. RealVision Technologies has always worked hard to meet and exceed our expectations for delivery.

The one outstanding characteristic of the RealVision team is their commitment and attitude. They strive to do their best and do so with pride and conviction. The longer we work together, the more the relationship improves and the better things get." .....Vice President, Technology of a fast growing Technology Product Company